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Welcome to the Romance Readers, Writers, & Reviewers webring. Surfing WebRings is a fantastic way to find what you want on the web. Joining a WebRing is one of the easiest ways to increase hits to your site.


Authors: Any published romance author may join their official site to this ring, regardless of the quality of the site. No authors of adult books will be added to this site. If you write both adult books and romance novels, you may join this ring as long as your romance site contains no adult material, and no links to any adult material.

Fansites: If you have a good quality site dedicated to a published romance author, you are most welcome to join this ring.

Unpublished Romance Authors: With good quality sites are welcome to use this ring to promote themselves.

Romance Publishers: Are all invited to join.

Romance Bookstores: Any online bookstore that specializes in romance novels may join this ring.

Review Sites: If you review romances, and you have a high quality site, you are encouraged to join this ring. Please note that if you like to use your review site as a forum to trash an author's work, this ring isn't for you. Constructive, polite criticism is fine, but "This book sucked!" style review sites will not be added to this ring.

Others: Any good quality site that relates to romance novels in some way will be welcomed into this ring.

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When your HTML code is on your site and functioning properly, send me an email message asking me to add you to the ring.

I will review your site for quality and relative content, and double check to make sure the code works. If everything is in order, I will add you to the ring, and send you a message to let you know. Allow me one week to add you from the time you apply.

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