A Few Notes About My Reviews

As more authors are offering to send me their books, I think it is important for me to say a few things:

To Submit Work

I will accept novel-length romantic fiction in any subgenre. I won't be placing my address on this site, but you may email me and ask for it for the purposes of sending your work to me.

What Goes on my Site

If I read a book, and I absolutely love it, I'll place it on my site. My site has one reviewer, and that's me. Every book I have placed on my site, even those that do not have reviews up yet, are books I have read and loved and remembered. Although many big names are on my site, I try not to be influenced by the bestseller lists, or by what other reviewers say about a book. If it touches me deeply, in one way or another, I will put it up. If I've read a book and not placed it on my site, it doesn't necessarily mean I didn't like it. It just means I didn't love it. My goal here is to be only positive, and - hopefully - hurt no ones feelings, while still remaining honest. I might place a book on my site that appealed to me, but isn't for everyone. In which case I may indicate that in my review. That's as close to negative as I will ever come. At least deliberately. For an example of what I mean, check out both of the reviews on my electronic romance page.

Reading is Subjective

Authors may send books to me with no fear of receiving negative publicity and hurt feelings through my site. However, as much as I would love to have tons of free books piling up in my "office", I think it would be best to loosely specify what I like to read. No matter how well-written a book is, or how much I think everybody else will like it, it must appeal to me or I won't use it. So here are a few things to keep in mind:

I want a happy ending. An absolutely happy ending. The only exceptions to this are those novels that I consider to be "mainstream." Many of those aren't all that happy, and I loved them anyway. But I don't want to receive readers copies of mainstream fiction, so if your book doesn't end happy, please don't send it to me. My definition of happy is that no matter what tragedies have occured during a novel, the hero and heroine must end up together. Forever. Happily ever after. Without exception. I just watched a movie called "The King's Whore." I really liked it, up until the end. The heroine and hero had finally discovered their love for each other, and then they are ripped apart. None of that please. No Casablanca endings, no matter how wonderful they might be. I cannot emphasize this enough.

I'd rather cry than laugh any day. It's not that I don't have a good sense of humor. My husband makes me laugh every day, and I love him for it. I'm a big fan of funny authors in other genres, but I read romance for other reasons entirely. Comic relief is great, but I want the book to do more than make me giggle. For my ideal combination of humor and tears, read Catherine Anderson'sfantastic novel Cherish. So, basically, if your book is a real tear jerker, as well as being well-written, I'm likely to enjoy it.

I want the emphasis on the couple. I don't care where or when the book takes place, what ethnicity the characters are, or what role their faith in god may play in the book, other than to the extent which these elements allow two incredible people to come together in a compelling way. The sooner the two meet in the book the better. The more scenes involving both of them the better. The more tenderness, passion, conflict, and intimate situations - I'm not referring to sex here - the happier I will be reading your book. Historical detail and scenery are nice, hence the reason for Diana Gabaldon's popularity. But the growing love between the two people is much more important. To me.

No gratuitous sex please. I love a graphic, tender, unique love scene as much as anyone else. Otherwise I wouldn't have so much of Linda Howard's work on my site. However, when I'm reading the book I don't want to feel as though I am just waiting for the next sex scene. To me, that is the definition of pornography. Of course I look forward to the two consummating their relationship, as sex is an extremely important part of any romantic relationship. Oh, I just know someone's going to argue with me on that one... Anyway, no sex for the sake of sex please. Every love scene should have a purpose. A meaning. Not all sexual activity is significant, even between two people who are meant to be together, but every scene allowed into the book should be meaningfull. Even no sex at all is fine with me. I absolutely adore Lynn Kurland's work, and she pretty much slams the bedroom door in our faces.

Anyway, send me anything you like. Even if I don't think I'll like it, you just might surprise me. You don't have anything to lose except the postage, because I'll never put up a negative review. However, in between working full time and taking care of this site, I read several books a week, so by now I'm farely well aware of what I like and what I don't. If your book fits reasonably well into these guidelines, there is a very good chance it will end up on this site. Even if it doesn't, that doesn't mean it isn't a great book. It just means it wasn't one of my favorites.

One More Thing

Regarding my earlier promise to respond specifically to all submissions, thanks to the advice of a friend, I have changed my mind. To avoid hurt feelings, if I don't choose to place your book on my site, it will simply not appear. If you feel a burning need to know exactly what I think, you may ask me. Otherwise, I will notify you by email only if I have chosen to place your book on my site. This benefits me because I can read without worrying about what to tell you if I don't like your book, and it benefits you because you will never actually be rejected.

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