Dark, sexy, secretive Jackson Rushford needs Mairey Faelyn's help, and is more than willing to force her into a partnership with him. But she simply doesn't fit with his image of a scholar and collector of Celtic folklore and antiquities. Mairey is as beautiful as she is brilliant, determined to keep secrets from him, and just the slightest bit... odd. In addition, she has three sweet little sisters that bring back unbearably painful memories from his own past.

Mairey would like to see Jackson Rushford as a mean, nasty dragon who tears up the land and destroys families with his mines, but with each day that she passes unwillingly in his employ, the vision she has constructed of him is slowly being destroyed.

This historical romance is fun and different, and manages to be both sweet and sexy. Hero and heroine are both unusual, charming characters that don't quite conform to the society of their time.


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