I know the cover of this book is a real turn off, but read it anyway, and you'll be glad you did.

"Tomorrow, Julia" is an emotionally rewarding, unbelievably tender romance that is not a bit formulaic.

Julia has led a hard life. Being nearly blind, she has suffered at the hands of cruel and greedy relatives who see her as an easy target. By the time Duncan happens upon her, she is in desperate need of him.

Though sorely mistreated, Julia is not the victim she at first appears to be. Although she is an unusually gentle and generous woman, she possesses an inner core of strength. That strength flourishes under Duncan's unreserved love, and becomes enough to get her through the even harder days that are ahead of her.

This is a truly surprising book. I warn you though, if you are looking for your standard romance, this isn't it. Celia Collier pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable for the genre at every turn. There is a high level of violence and suffering in this book, but as in all great romances, true love must triumph over all, and the bad moments only make the good ones that much sweeter.


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