If you're looking for good, squeaky clean fun, This Matter of Marriage is for you.

Hallie is looking for love in all the wrong places. Having accomplished everything she ever wanted professionally, she has discovered that she needs more. She sets about finding a husband and starting a family with the same attitude she used to fulfill her professional goals. But as we all know, everything that can go wrong will go wrong, and it certainly did for Hallie, who turns to her neighbor Steve, whom she is absolutely, positively not interested in, for masculine advice and true friendship.

Steve Marris just wants his wife back. Although she is involved with another man, and even his children know it just isn't meant to be, Steve won't stop thinking about his ex. Even as he and Hallie grow closer.

This is a truly sweet story. We can all relate to the characters in this book. These are every day people, and the novel reads like a Dorris Day comedy set in the 90's.

It'll just make you feel good.

No explicit sex. Like I said: squeaky clean.


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