In Someone To Watch Over Me, we are offered the rare chance to read about a fascinating hero who is decidedly not a member of the aristocracy. Grant Morgan is a Bow Street Runner. A cop, basically, who rescues a beautiful woman from the frigid waters of the Thames river.

Although Grant immediately recognizes London's most famous and desirable courtesan, the vulnerable woman who awakens in his bed has no memory of her past, nor does she seem anything like the manipulative, greedy prostitute he knew Vivien Duvall to be.

Worse, she can't remember the face of the man who put the livid bruises on her throat, and pushed her into the river.

When "Vivien" is told who - and what - she is, she becomes utterly devastated and vows to mend her ways.

What follows is a lovely and unusual love story filled with tenderness and humor. As a hero, Grant is exceptionally honorable, oddly vulnerable, and altogether adorable.

You'll race through this one.


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