Simply Irresistible is the story of Georgeanne Howard who, unfortunately, like most women who are twenty-two (I'm only twenty-three, so I know this all too well) has more brains than sense. She manages to get herself engaged to a man old enough to be her grandfather thinking that the marriage will save her from loneliness and bill collectors. However, right before her big moment she has second thoughts and winds up in the car of the attractive, studly and incredibly messed-up hockey star John Kowalsky. It's lust at first sight for the both of them and as much time as they spend trying to convince themselves that they can resist each other, they still wind up having lots of incredibly mind blowing sex in interesting places. However, when the sun rises the next morning , Poor Messed-Up John dumps Poor Deserted Georgie at the airport with a plane ticket back to her native Texas and a nice pat on the back.

Fast forward seven years and we find John more well adjusted and grown up and Georgeanne with a whole new life as a caterer and the mother of John's daughter, Lexie. They manage to run into each other again (in spite of Georgeanne's attempts to avoid him at all costs) and it doesn't take much time for John to realize that little Lexie is his daughter.

The usual hijinx ensue: there are misunderstandings about custody and other parental issues, events are misinterpreted and they fight endlessly. But, just as well would expect, they can't fight their incredible attraction for each other and as they get to know each other they develop a mutual respect and love.

Simply Irresistible is Rachel Gibson's first book. After I finished it I practically camped out at the bookstore for the next few months waiting for her next. I also probably single handedly boosted her sales by telling anyone and everyone who would listen that their lives would not be complete until they read this book. And the best part is that most of them read it and agreed that it was fabulous.

Why do I love it so much? First, it's hilarious. The well-written secondary characters add a lot in the way of comedy and Gibson has a biting, but completely delightful sense of humor that peppers all of her descriptions.

Second, it's a fabulous love story between two likeable characters. Gibson really gives the reader a chance to get into the heads of both John and Georgeanne and also allows them both to grow throughout the book. You see the two of them mature into the people that are able to love selflessly and to compromise to meet each other half way. I especially like that John is equally, if not more messed up than Georgeanne. Nothing bugs me more than reading books where emotional growth means that the woman has to come to realize that her man is right about everything.

So, readers, I urge you all to run to your nearest bookstore (or click on the cover at the top of the page, if you're so inclined) and buy this book! I promise you won't be sorry. --A.B.

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