Laura and Jake are a pair unlike any other I've come across in romantic fiction. Competent, confident, and brilliant, they have the kind of friendship we might all envy.

These two have been best friends for 13 years at the start of this novel, and married - for the sake of a vulnerable child - for two years. But they have never been lovers. Yet.

Both Laura and Jake are special operatives officers in the United States Air Force. Every day is uncertain for them, and yet they are trying desperately to raise a healthy child together. Somehow, amongst all the chaos, and with a sham for a marriage, they have managed, thus far, to provide a nurturing home environment for Jakes son.

But the degree of danger and uncertainty in all three of their lives has just increased tenfold. Laura and Timmy have become the targets of terrorists, and the suspense is just enough to shake even these cool customers. And scare the living daylights out of all who read this book.


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