Her entire adult life, Jamee Night has struggled against living in fear. In her teen years, she survived a kidnapping that left her with relentless nightmares and a constant terror of being trapped. To feel free, she has spent the last few years traveling the world, never staying in one place long enough for her to grow attatched to anyone.

Jamee is an heiress, and therefore always a target. So not only does she wrestle with restless sleep, nagging memories, and a difficulty with intimacy, she also knows that she is in constant danger of being taken again.

As her travels bring her to Scotland, her family becomes aware of a very real threat to her safety. Knowing she won't come home, and won't willingly accept protection, they hire Ian McCall, a retired kidnapping expert with a heart-breaking secret, to watch over her without her knowledge.

But Ian is an honorable man, and unused to lying, and he soon finds he can't keep any secrets from the beautiful Jamee Night.

Come have Christmas in Scotland with the charming spirits of Draycott Abbey, whom I am growing very attatched to. Christina Skye doesn't disappoint, once again bringing us the kind of passionate, tender, sweetly erotic story to we have come to expect. Jamee and Ian are guaranteed to warm up your winter evening.


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