Olivia was a very little girl the night her famous father killed her beautiful mother in a fit of drug-enhanced rage. She's all grown up now, and though her memory of that night has all but disappeared, and her remaining family has worked desperately to protect her, Olivia is coming to realize how important it is to know the truth about her parents, and herself.

Noah Brady is the son of the police officer who rescued Olivia that long ago night. He has never forgotten the impact of that case on his own family, and he wants to write a book about it.

Though born in Hollywood, since the inprisonment of her father Olivia's home has been amidst the unspoiled beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Noah's arrival will give her the opportunity to face her terror and grief in a peaceful, seductive environment, so different from where it originated.

In one of her most memorable novels, Nora Roberts brings together two very different people who will fall in love easily, but will have to travel a difficult, frightening, and intensely painful path towards being together.


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