In the dead of night, in practically the middle of nowhere, Stefanie Colt was attacked, but now she is afraid all of the time, and everywhere, even in her own home. She knows that unless she can conquer her fear, it will ruin her life.

Dan O'Connor makes his living off fearful people. He's a self defense instructor and spends a lot of time with frightened people. The first time he looks at Stefanie's beautiful face, and into her startled eyes, he knows two things for sure: She is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with, and she is terribly afraid.

In a wonderfully original, tender story, Barbara Bretton brings together two people from very different worlds. Dan isn't exactly Stefanie's type, but no formally educated accountant, lawyer, or doctor can make her feel safe again, or help her tackle her demons, the way that Dan wants to.

Dan is a great hero. Strong, tender, and stubborn as a bull. Let him take you some place... safe.


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