Angela Prescott left her home to regain control over her own life. She knows she needs to be self-sufficient, and she knows she needs to be careful. What she doesn't know is that the greatest safety can be found in leaning on others, and in making those connections she's so afraid to make.

Angela's first friend is Tommy T. A charming, promising, at-risk child in need of a surrogate mother. First he finds her a job, and then one night saves her life after a brutal, senseless attack, by giving her into the care of Jesse Brown Wolf.

Jesse is a strikingly handsome repairman by day, and a reluctant comic-book style hero by night. Neither of his "two faces" is comfortable with the other. Both are reclusive, mysterious, and honorable, and both want to protect Angela Prescott. The repairman fixes her locks, her plumbing, her windows, that whole in the wall, and asks for nothing in return. But gives nothing of himself. At night the hero visits her as if in a dream. He offers her comfort, security, loving words, and stirring kisses.

When Angela finds out these two are one and the same, she wants them both. By day and by night, in bed and out, she wants Jesse Brown Wolf. But Jesse has been running faster and harder than she has, and has much more to hide than she does. Can these two damaged souls make each other whole, and give Tommy T. the family life he so desperately needs?

Kathleen Eagle's style is unique to romance writing, and I wish I'd discovered her years ago. This unusual love story contains as many double meanings as the comic book story of Batman, and metaphors that really work. It is compelling, complex, and well-developed, just like its hero.


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