Mary Kate Bennett was young, intelligent, and far too beautiful for her own good. She was born into a large family and then abandoned. She married young, and above her station, to a man she respected. She had been a good, dutiful wife, and in return, he died and left her penniless and lonely. Again.

Archer St. John would have traded places with Mary Kate any day. To be all alone in the world, with no obligations to anyone was the stuff of his dreams. He couldn't understand why this sinfully beautiful woman longed to reunite with a family that clearly did not want her.

None of that mattered, however. Whatever the reason for her desire for a family, it had brought the two of them together, and Archer new that somehow, Mary Kate Bennett held the answers to the questions that haunted them both.

Mary Kate did not have the answers to all of St. John's questions, but those she did have he refused to accept. And until she gave him a truth he could believe, he intended to hold her prisoner. In the lap of luxury.

Karen Ranney dares to be a little different with this darkly beautiful, sweetly erotic, absolutely romantic story. Don't miss this one.

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