Retired agent Grant Sullivan is sure he's back in the jungle once more to rescue a frivolous, wealthy socialite who has gotten in over her head with some very bad people. But Jane Hamilton Greer is something else entirely. She does need rescuing, but is in no other way what Grant expects her to be.

On the same night as Grant planned to kidnap her out of the hands of a very dangerous man, Jane decided to escape into the pitch black jungle herself. Even though she is positively terrified of the dark. What follows is an exciting, often comical, engrossingly sexy adventure between a basically dark hero and the eternally cheerful heroine that captures his heart.

This novel is everything we love Linda Howard for. Her heroine is wonderfully quirky, strong, intelligent, and determined. And her hero is absolutely alpha, yet still manages to be unique and memorable. The only Linda Howard book better than this one is it's sequel, Diamond Bay

Keep them both, you'll want to read them again... and again.


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