Keeping her distance has never really been a problem for Leanne. A traumatic incident in her past taught her that even those she loved most would ultimately betray her. So why now, when her very life may depend on it, can't she keep Eliot Kane at arms length?

The wonderfully controlled Eliot Kane never thought he'd end up in a psychiatrists office, but right now he has no choice. He's losing time, and dreaming about killing women he doesn't even know. He's forgetting things, and worried that his career may be in trouble because of it. In desparation, he goes to the only psychiatrist willing to squeeze him into her schedule. The beautiful Leanne Warner.

From the moment they meet, Eliot and Leanne are powerfully attracted to each other, but as much as he is convinced that Leanne can help him, he is terrified for her safety because he has started dreaming about killing her. This pair should definately stay away from each other, but cannot.

The suspense in this book is so intense that I was afraid to put it down. I finished it in one night because I didn't want to go to sleep with the conflict unresolved. Eliot is a wonderful hero - if you can call him that. He's a lot more human than most romantic heroes, but it seems all of Sally Stewards characters are. While he is handsome, controlled, and very sexy, he also has a serious problem that makes him intensely vulnerable. This book will scare the pants right off of you. Happy reading!


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