K.C. Houston comes to the High Horse Ranch in Wyoming with the hopes of doing what he knows best, training wild horses. But when he arrives he is greeted by three grieving women, each uniquely beautiful, and learns that the man who hired him has died of a terrible illness.

In the wake of her brother's death, Julia Weslin has returned to the High Horse to help her determined grandmother and troubled sister decide whether or not to sell the ranch that has been a part of their family for generations.

Although K.C. adores women in general, he's never been as fascinated by a woman as he is by Julia Weslin. Though he's never remained in one place long enough to make real friends or feel like part of a family, every time he looks at Julia he can feel his cherished freedom slipping away.

Even as they fall beautifully in love with each other, their relationship may be a temporary thing. While K.C. struggles with the fact that he thinks he's finally found a place to call home, Julia is contemplating selling it right out from under him.

Slow, sweet, and seductive, this is a glorious piece of fiction to fill your lazy, rainy, sleepy afternoon off. Language can be a beautiful thing, and Kathleen Eagle surely knows it. The romance genre is lucky to call her its own, as her well-developed, complex characters and her unique, subtle way of drawing readers into her stories would thrill mainstream readers just as well.


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