Caitlin O'Shannessy had survived many years of abuse under the thumb of her cruel, drunken father. She came through the experience knowing she would never want to marry, never again want to be at the mercy of a man.

Ace Keegan had one thing on his mind when he came home to No Name. Revenge. And to that end, he believes himself fully prepared to batter down any obstacles in his path. But when a beautiful, determined, honorable woman gets in his way, and is hurt because of it, Keegan's life will never be the same. Because of his carelessness, the most wonderful person Keegan has ever known has become known as "Keegan's whore."

Desperate to make amends, and unable to think of another way to do so, Keegan insists on marrying her.

But while Keegan thinks he is making it all better, Caitlin is utterly convinced that marriage to Ace Keegan will be hell on earth.

Though his beautiful wife may have long given up on her childhood dreams of happiness in the arms of a true hero, Ace has every intention of making them come true.

Keegan's Lady is passionate, tender, and deeply emotional. Everything I've come to expect from Catherine Anderson. Everything we read romance for.


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