The more I read of Karen Young, the more I like her. She handles some very touchy subjects with a light hand. Issues that are normally taboo in the romance genre are very nicely integrated into her compelling love stories. She's not afraid to push the boundaries, and yet does it so beautifully and subtly that she manages to remain in the mainstream of romance reading. Her latest novel is no acception.

Kate Madison is running home and running away. She's been experiencing mysterious flashbacks and disturbing panic attacks, and in her job as a trauma specialist at a large hospital, she simply can't afford them. Afraid that her career may be over, and that she might endanger her patients, she returns to her childhood home in Louisianna for some quiet time.

When a man she looks up to offers her a job in his quiet private practice, she jumps at the chance, even though it will also mean working with an ex-lover.

But things aren't going to get any better. Back home she finds herself an emotional wreck, flooded with memories of events she never knew had occurred, and hypersensitive to her patients when she should be objective and detatched. Though she doesn't want to, she is going to have to explore her past and those of the people she loves, or it may endanger her future.

Fans of Nora Roberts may want to try this suspenseful book. Though the subject matter is darker, the writing style is similar. The pace is quick, the story frightening, and it is packed with a fascinating cast of characters.


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