Meredith Kenyon fled New York for small town Oregon to escape the manipulative father of her late, severely abusive ex-husband, promising her painfully fragile 4 year old daughter that she would never have to be afraid again.

But as fate would have it, Meredith would choose a shabby run down house in the middle of nowhere to settle, and what do you know, the only house in sight just happens to belong to the county sheriff.

Now, most of us would actually feel safer knowing that mere yards away was a handsome, broad-shouldered lawman and his fearless Rottweiler Goliath. Not Meredith Kenyon. The last thing she needs is a nosy neighbor with an eye for liars. Not only is Heath Masters bent on taking care of her and learning everything there is to know about her, but his huge, scary dog has latched onto her child. To make matters worse, Sheriff Masters has a few PR problems and Meredith is terrified that attention will be drawn to herself and her daughter through their association with him.

Heath knows that Meredith and her pretty little girl have been terribly hurt. He knows he should mind his own business. He knows he already has enough trouble in his life. But he just can't stay away from either of them. And so he sets about gradually, persistantly, steadily, gaining Meredith's attraction, trust, and eventually, her love.

But he has no idea how far out of his league is the trouble she is in. Is small town sheriff Heath Masters a big enough hero to handle what is haunting Meredith Kenyon's every step?

This is the best book I have read this year. No exaggeration. I have read some good ones, but none that have touched me so deeply or stuck in my head for so long after reading it. I'll be keeping this one, and reading it again I'm sure. The dog is unforgettable and the child is a heartbreaker, but nothing can steel the show from this fantastic couple. Absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to read all of her work.


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