From the moment Rachel Jones drags his unconscious body out of the ocean, she knows that Kell Sabin is no ordinary man. Believing that he is in danger, she keeps him a secret while she nurses him back to health, taking a leap of faith that he is not the dangerous one.

When Kell finally regains consciousness, his first thought is that Rachel Jones is the most appealing woman he's ever met. His second is that he needs to get away from her as soon as possible.

Every day he remains in her home the level of danger to this lovely woman increases.

Unfortunately, he'll need all his strength and then some to get out of the trouble he's in, and that means sticking around just a little longer.

The rest is a beautiful love story between a charming heroine and Linda Howard's most incredible hero yet. Diamond Bay is my favorite of all of Linda Howard's books, which is saying a lot. Kell is one of the most memorable heros ever created for the romance genre.

To fully enjoy this book, try to read Midnight Rainbow first.


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