Hope O'Hara could definately use a knight in shining armor right about now. Not only is she about to lose her 700+ year old home, but an unknown enemy is out to get her.

Ronan Macleod didn't really know what it was to be a knight until he was drug 700 years into the future to save the beautiful damsel in distress who had taken over his home.

I keep thinking I'm not a fan of the time travel genre, and then I come across great books like this one. Macleod is an unforgettable hero. Gently domineering, physically beautiful, with a truly good heart, he will take your breath away. Hope is utterly charming, and their chemistry will keep you reading.

What makes this a great romance is that these characters truly need each other. Hope doesn't believe herself capable of being enough for any man, until Macleod shows her just how beautiful and prescious she is. Ronan says: "I have done things to haunt my sleep," and certainly he has, but being with Hope convinces us, and eventually him, that he possesses an infinite capacity for love.

The sex scenes in this one are pretty graphic, but certainly not gratuitous. Christina Skye is a master at sexual tension. She obviously knows that good things come to those who wait.


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