Sonya Dixon hadn't planned on motherhood, but accidents happen, and when she found out she was pregnant, she accepted it. Unfortunately, her husband couldn't do the same. Upon finding out about the baby-to-be, he promptly demanded she choose between the child growing in her womb, and the handsome husband who provided so well for all of her material needs.

Although Sonya couldn't imagine life without the man who - up to this point - had seemed so perfect to her, nor could she fathom aborting her child or adopting him out after nurturing him with her body for 9 months. Besides, she just can't believe Bryon would leave her. Not when their marriage has been so perfect, their love so beautiful!

When it becomes abundantly clear that Bryon has done just that, and doesn't intend to come back to her, or be "burdened" with Sonya's child in any way, she sinks into the depths of despair. But through the concern and support of one incredible man, and her rediscovery of faith in God, Sonya makes it through some of the darkest moments in her life.

Join Sonya as she discovers a strength of spirit she never knew she had. Agonize with her over the hard choices she must make, and rejoice when she turns her adversity into triumph, and - last but not least - earns the love of a great man!

The budding romance between Sonya and Daniel is wonderfully tender, her struggle to make the right choices life-affirming. You'll be glad you read it.


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