Good heavens I may have found a new favorite author! Catherine Anderson's stories are packed with warmth and tenderness, and her heroes are incomparable!

Okay, enough gushing and on to the matter at hand:

Race Spencer can't read, runs a ranch that is barely getting by, and doesn't think he deserves an angel. But that's exactly what he gets. A wounded angel, but an angel nonetheless.

Rebecca is happy, well-loved, and innocent until the day she witnesses the violent destruction of all she holds dear. Her whole world has been ripped apart, and she has no one to turn to for protection or comfort save for a man who looks like the devil himself.

Cherish is so beautiful it is almost painful to read. And yet it manages to be a comedy of errors. Amidst all of the violence, anger, and pain we find a lot of humor. This is a very serious romance, and while Catherine Anderson will keep you near tears on every page, you will also find yourself laughing. A lot.

One of the most unusual - in a good way - love scenes I have read. Read it and find out.


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