Kathy was Born in the United States, but as cosmopolitan Dubliner Pearse O'Faolain's wife, she has made her home in Ireland. Kathy's life is idyllic. Her husband is gorgeous and loving, they have a wonderful baby boy, and a second child on the way. But when tragedy strikes Pearse's family in Northern Ireland, his troubled past will come back to haunt them both.

Pearse's brother Kennet was a leader of the Sinn Fein, the legal political arm of the IRA. When Kennet and his wife are murdered, Pearse's sister Erin convinces him that it his duty to his family and his country to take Kennet's place.

Though Kathy cannot understand why her husband feels he must move back to Northern Ireland, when he begs her to come with him, she cannot resist. She simply can't bear the thought of being apart from Pearse, even though moving to the "Six Counties" will mean that she and her family will face danger every day.

Carole Bellacera's first novel is highly emotional. Reading it will make you angry and frustrated. By the end of the book you will be convinced that the situation in northern Ireland is futile. But at the center of it all is a beautiful, real love story between two passionate people. If Pearse and Kathy are going to remain together, Kathy must decide between her own personal wellfare - and that of her children - and her duty to her husband. For his part, Pearse must strike a balance between his duty to his people, and his personal responsibility to the love of his life. He must also decide if he can promote violence as a means to ridding his people of the British plague in Ireland.

In spite of the grim subject matter, readers of genre fiction will enjoy this book. It is fast-paced, highly emotional, very romantic, and frequently sexy.

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